There's a feeling of purpose when I create jewelry. I love working with my hands. By adding fire and using an array of cool tools, metal is transformed into pieces of art. Contrasts of light versus dark and smooth versus textured excite me. Stones provide a pop of colour.

My goal is to make jewelry for you to cherish. As my pieces leave my studio and into your possession, I hope they bring you as much joy as the care and attention I put into them.

I am inspired by my life experiences. Living on the beautiful Canadian West Coast brings me close to nature. I'm influenced by the water, land, and sky around me. Additionally, I find vintage art captivating. Many of my designs revolve around Art Nouveau and carvings made in Europe in the early 1900s. Occasionally, my sense of humour takes over and I make a piece that's a bit of a surprise. What can I say, variety is the spice of life!

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