Vampire Bat Cuff

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This fabulously frightening cuff took many hours to fabricate (despite the magical transformation the above video implies). The three decorative elements of the bracelet were each die-struck in copper. Achieving all the fine details of the bat's face required multiple cycles of heating and striking the metal.

This cuff balances beauty with the vampire beast. The large ornate teardrops wrapped around the sides of the cuff echo the ridges along the bat's face. Additionally, the contrast between light and dark on the textures is absolutely striking.


Click here to view all the steps involved in making this stunning jewelry piece.


Material: Copper

Dimensions: Vampire bat face is 3.8cm wide x 3.4cm tall; the bracelet itself is 6" long when flat (this is a common size for cuff bracelets and will fit a medium-size wrist)


Note: Depending on your body chemistry, copper may discolour your skin. The discolouration is not harmful and can be washed off with soap and water.


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